TEAM™ – What Is The Team

The TEAM™ is a training and/or assessment tool that is made up of three categories – leadership, teamwork and task management (Table 1). Encompassed within these categories are nine elements – leadership control; communication; co-operation and co-ordination; team climate; adaptability; situation awareness (perception); situation awareness (projection); prioritisation; and clinical standards. The final eleven items are inclusive of the elements and categories and include applicable prompts to aid rating. The twelfth item is a global or overall rating which is intended as an overall ‘gut reaction’ to the performance. Rapid expert rating (known as recognition primed decision making) correlates well with checklists.[2,28] The user can choose to summarise performance through the global rating, the sum of the categories, the sum of the total score, or a combination of all with the objective of providing a description and assessment of performance in simulated and ‘real’ settings.

Table 1: The TEAM™ Categories and Elements

Categories Elements Items
Leadership Leadership Control 1.The team leader let the team know what was expected of them through direction and command
2. The team leader maintained a global perspective
Teamwork Communication 3. The team communicated effectively
Co-Operation and
4. The team worked together to complete the tasks in a timely manner
Team Climate 5. The team acted with composure and control
6. The team morale was positive
Adaptability 7. The team adapted to changing situations
Situation Awareness (Perception) 8. The team monitored and reassessed the situation
Situation Awareness (Projection) 9. The team anticipated potential actions
Task Management Prioritisation 10. The team prioritised tasks
Clinical Standards 11.The team followed approved standards and guidelines
(Overall Rating)
12. On a scale of 1-10 give your global rating of the team’s non-technical performance


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